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So this Yukari came out of nowhere in my mind. Surprisingly it was pretty fast to do all this script - only 3 days and nothing more.

(And yes, I was too lazy to change Stage background to the Endless Staircase to Hakugyokurou and ended up sticking myself on my first script's background)

- gtbot (Cutin code)
- Ran Yakumo (gorgeous explosion effects code)
- PhantomSong (Background code)

Spell comments:
Boundary "Illusions of Speed": Well, it's only named like that because I had the crazy idea to put the large bullets' speed to 180, which makes them look like "transparent" orbitals.

Boundary "Little Yamabiko and Great Buddhist Monk": Based upon TD's Stage 2's title translation, "The Youkai Before The Gate, Reading an Unlearnable Sutra" - where I thought the youkai before the gate was referring to Kyouko, and that she was reading Byakuren's sutra (if she has any...). Then I simply thought in Kyouko defending Byakuren (with four petty red bullets) while Byakuren herself was "improving her magic" (represented by Yukari's rainbow-color large-bullet flower pattern)

Boundary "Winds of Four Cardinal Directions": Pretty obvious. Wind gusts coming from gaps (represented by the beams) which represent the four cardinal directions.

Border Break "Expansion of Nature": This was simply based upon a image I saw at Touhou Wiki when I was reading Yukari's article, where Yukari sees a breach in the Hakurei Barrier mending itself. The white bullet represents the outside world (although Gensokyo is possible above Tokyo), the green beam represents the Hakurei Barrier, and the spawned bullets from the white bullet are possible "breaches" that might happen in Gensokyo.

"Supernatural Border" - Since I was too lazy to think in a great spell, I thought in PCB's "Supernatural Border" mechanic, and that's how this spell appeared.