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Author: Nuclear Du Nort
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Last updated at: May 31 2020, 10:37 PM
File Size: 149 MB
Downloads: 71

Hi, Its Nuclear in Mexico, Its 07:01 and i don't sleep... Making this Porject.
I Don't Know How to Package, Just I made The Stages... 1 - 3 With Nuclear Du Nort as Protagonist
Is my First Time Composing Music, soo you problably don't like it, because i don't love my music jaja...

Thanks for My Friends on Discord To Help me in this Project

This is the Part 1/3

Part 1 = Stages 1 - 3

Part 2 = Stages 4 - 6

Part 3 = Extra, Phantasm

Extra Bonus = Last Words (Overdrive)

If we can made a Package for the last Version, ill will be Uploaded


Graphic design : Nuclear Du Nort
Song composer : Nuclear Du Nort
Character design : Zakura Chan
Background Design : Nuclear Du Nort
Director : Nuclear Du Nort & Zakura Chan
Writer : Nuclear Du Nort & Garrobo78
Debuggers : Meztli Fem Mex & Link9

If you have an error Contact Me in discord:
Tag : NuclearDuNort#1188

Update 1.1.2:
More Small CurvyLazerHitbox & Less Stage 2 Bullets