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Author: Nuclear Du Nort
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: evershaw
Last updated at: July 23 2020, 07:19 AM
File Size: 43.4 MB
Downloads: 41

Everlasting Shadows 'Fateful' ~ Uncoclused Calamity Drama" The Third All Stars Team Project
Thanks to all my friends to make this possible!!!

New Things:

New Artstyle!
New System!
A Interesting Tematic!
Player Selection!
3 Different Stories!

Playable Options:

Nuclear Du Nort
Kioshi Hyatnattazu
Tsakaburaku Edgeworth


Graphic design : Nuclear Du Nort
Song composer : Nuclear Du Nort, Zakura Chan, Meztli Fem Mex, Link09 & Catlox
Character design : Nuclear Du Nort, Zakura Chan & Catlox
Background Design : Nuclear Du Nort & Catlox
Director : Nuclear Du Nort & Garrobo78
Writer : Nuclear Du Nort & Meztli Fem Mex
Debuggers : Meztli Fem Mex & Catlox
Testers : Catlox, Alufe & GTBot
Package System : Nuclear Du Nort & Alufe
Player Code : Nuclear Du Nort & GTBot
Item & Effect Code : Nuclear Du Nort & GTBot

If you have an error or Question, Contact Me in discord:
Tag : NuclearDuNort#1188