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Author: Nuclear Du Nort
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: revolution, everlasting shadows, kioshi, nightmare
Last updated at: June 24 2020, 02:22 AM
File Size: 42.1 MB
Downloads: 69

"Everlasting Shadows Akumu ~ Nightmare Revolution" The Second All Stars Team Project
Kioshi Hyatnattazu Is The Hero Of your new adventure, Getting up early for an adventure is what takes the mystery to another level.

Staff & Helpers:

Graphic design : Nuclear Du Nort
Song composer : Nuclear Du Nort
Character design : Nuclear Du Nort
Background Design : Nuclear Du Nort
Director : Nuclear Du Nort
Writer : Nuclear Du Nort
Debuggers : Nuclear Du Nort
Ideas and SpellCards : Alufe
Item Code and Event : GTBot

Things that never do while the Game:
Retry in SpellCards...
Retry In Recollection
Restart In Replays

Kioshi Hyatnattazu


Stage 1 Theme - "The Forest of Nightmares"
Stage 1 Boss Theme - "The Guy with a crazy mind"
Stage 2 Theme - "Feling of Terror"
Stage 2 Boss Theme - "Catastrophe on Earth - Epiphany"
Stage 3 Theme - "Nightmare Before Dream"
Stage 3 Boss Theme - "The Magestic Tengu"

Extra Stage Theme - "Travel on The Sea"
Extra Stage Boss Theme - "Radioactive Minor Nort"

Recollection Spell Theme - "Another Nightmare"

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Tag : NuclearDuNort#1188