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Author: Nobu
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: 0.12m
Tags: rinnosuke
Last updated at: May 15 2013, 02:40 PM
File Size: 6.48 MB
Downloads: 906

Quickest version update ever :V
Fixed ending timer and tweaked life a little bit.

My first spellcards and plural script.
The Rinnosuke sprite is still a WIP, and the script is rough around the edges(default background, etc)
Please enjoy!

(Incomplete) Rinnosuke Sprite by Nobu
Rinnosuke cutin by miyamoto takashi:
Effect library by JWalker, cutin script by Helepolis
Much thanks to Naut, Drake, #danmakufu, and Rika's Garage for the help and resources

Grimoire of Marisa Append:

Forgotten Text[The Burning of Alexandria]
User: Rinnosuke Morichika
Notes: Phantom books, historical event type
Reference Level: **

Any bibliophile would cringe upon seeing this card. Though it's only danmaku, the idea of burning good books is like a dagger in the heart. Aren't there any newspapers around to burn instead?

Hmm.. the famed Library of Alexandria, eh? I wonder how many books managed to find their way to Gensokyo.. I bet Patchouli must have at least a few books from there, with how big that library is.

Relic[Echoes of a Lost Civilization]
User: Rinnosuke Morichika
Notes: Slow progression, long lasting type
Claustrophobia Level: ***

Looks intense, but Kourin starts off easy so he doesn't overwhelm you all at once. Once he adds those lasers it starts to get tricky, but they're not as scary as they look. Now, where have I seen that laser before? Hm.. I wonder if she ever visits Kourindou as well?

Kourin usually doesn't participates in danmaku battles, but he may give you an exhibition match if you ask him. He's popular with magicians, since his inspiration comes from things from beyond the border. I wonder what goes through his mind when he spaces out while staring at those artifacts anyway?