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Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: touhou, locaa
Last updated at: March 2 2018, 10:16 AM

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My LoCaA 11: Perfect Possession's Entry, further information (details) about the Contest:,21255.0.html
Feel free to try it =)
Credits belong to each perspective each owner.

Quick Guides "How-to-Play"
1. Hold Shift in difficulty-selection to enable Immortal Mode (999 lives).
2. Use "C" button to switch player, when available.
3. Use the correct player against each boss (it deals more or less damage).
4. None of the bombs can deal damage, in exchange, there are two options of the bomb (a) Long-duration invisibility (b) Erase all shot within the duration.
5. For every 100k (100.000) score you get 1 Life (if your Current Life is below 4, and you're not playing Immortal Mode).
6. Deathbombing does not nullify your hit (aka. your death is not nullified).

PS: I'm not satisfied with this...
PS#2: I will update it later on after the judging for a full version.