Author: NecroHeart
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: touhou, range
Last updated at: December 7 2017, 01:07 AM

File Size: 52.6 MB
Downloads: 943

My RaNGE 18: Extra Love's Entry, further information (details) about the Contest:,21068.0.html.
Feel free to try it :D.
Credits and Special Thanks is located inside the Script's folder.
The file is in .rar, if you can't extract it, feel free to PM me, I will try other file type and send it to you.

Here's some heads-up:
1.) Try pressing Shift during Difficulty Selection to change your Starting Lives (Legacy Mode, 6 lives, or Infinite Mode, 999 lives).
2.) Every difficulty is playable, it is recommended to choose Normal if you are not confident in your skill.
3.) The bomb does not erase bullet, however... there is something else.
4.) User key 1 (Default is C) will be used in this script.
5.) For every 80k (80.000.000) score you get, you get 1 Bomb (if your Current Bomb is below 3).
6.) For every 150k (150.000.000) score you get, you get 1 Life (if your Current Life is below 6).
7.) Try to not dying too much (6 or less death), it might unlock something in the end (just a bonus content, aka. not-for-contest).

Updates from v1.0 > 1.2
1.) Player's speed is reduced.
2.) Another difficulty is added (almost "impossible" difficulty).
3.) For those reasons above, some patterns have been adjusted or changed.
4.) Unlockable content requires 3 or less death, instead of 6 or less.

Updates from v1.2 > 1.3
1.) Player's speed issue is fixed, after you bomb, the player's speed won't change.
2.) Some of the patterns have been re-adjusted to be more balance.
3.) Unlockable content requires 4 or less death, instead of 3 or less.
4.) Flashbomb while using bomb or respawning is no longer.