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Author: Naudiz
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: touhou houtenkyou hotenkyo treasure castle labyrinth tcl 東方宝天京 東方 宝天京
Last updated at: February 9 2020, 07:09 AM
File Size: 106 MB
Downloads: 1553

iroirodou and DOGSDAY present...
Touhou Houtenkyou ~ Treasure Castle Labyrinth, the game!

The current version is a trial that contains the first three stages.
Now with the option to play using the 2014 version of the soundtrack!

• The current version has an engine bug which causes it to occupy a large amount of memory which is not properly deallocated until the application is closed. For optimal performance, please close your browsers and any other memory-hungry applications before playing, and relaunch the game before starting subsequent runs. Again, we are dreadfully sorry for the inconvenience.
• This game makes heavy use of render target manipulation, so those recording using OBS should use window capture instead of game capture.
• This game makes extensive use of shaders and other visual effects. Those with lower-end machines should disable them in the option menu.

For bug reports and general feedback, please send me a message on Discord. My tag is Naudiz#9972.

Read more about the game here:,29391.0.html