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Author: Murloc4252884
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: halloween, stage, boss rush, granblue fantasy, gbf, lost jack
Last updated at: July 16 2018, 04:11 AM
File Size: 72.1 MB
Downloads: 391

Granblue Fantasy Halloween Set (1.0)

Script started based on the Granblue Fantasy event "Lost Jack and the Mystic Pyre"

The Stage section is comparable to a Extra Stage in length.
The Boss Rush consist in 8 differen bosses:
1) Ange
2) Beatrix
3) Cagliostro
4) Mimlimel
5) Charlotta
6) Ferry
7) Danua
8) Eustace
9) Lost Jack
Every boss has 1 Non-Spell + 1 SpellCard, except Lost Jack who only has 1 Spell Card.

In the script folder there is also 3 Last Word Spell Cards.

Please send your opinions and reactions, and possibly in a future update, technical and graphic errors or inconsistencies in the difficulty will be corrected.