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Author: Lusushime~
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: bhe, lusus, parsee, kisume, contest
Last updated at: September 2 2020, 09:56 PM
File Size: 43.9 MB
Downloads: 93

My entry for the second Bullet Hell Engines contest called Unlikely Allies. The theme of the contest was to make a bossfight with 2 bosses that don't have any strong connection to each other (aren't friends, allies or enemies). I decided to incorporate Perfect Possession style attacks where bosses attack one after another or/and manipulate each others attacks.

I had a tough time balancing the patterns so they didn't feel too easy once you know what to do so I ended up making them on the harder side. I hope that doesn't end up hurting the playability too much, I didn't have the time to make another difficulty setting.

Nons might lag because Parsee rings have a lot of bullets, hopefully not though. I didn't enable Pointdevice because the sound loop is horrible (luckily you won't hear it normally).

Credits and thanks to:
-Reimu, Kisume, Parsee, Touhou, graphics and the music belong to ZUN
-Music is World of Discord ~ Broken Doll by 深蒼穹
-mkm for the Danmakufu ph3 engine, Wishmakers for Woo (and everyone else who helps with improving it)
-Sparen and Helepolis for their Danmakufu tutorials
-Ultima for the Reimu DDC player
-ExPorygon for the ZUN and Allstar shotsheets
-Gtbot for circle healthbar
-People from Bullet Hell Engines that helped me with a few questions I asked
-Everyone who liked my patterns ideas when I showed them off, it gave me a lot of motivation
-Other scripters for inspiration