Author: Lusushime~
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: wakasagihime, bha 3
Last updated at: March 1 2021, 10:00 AM

File Size: 44.6 MB
Downloads: 199

This is my entry to Bullet Hell Artistry 3, which was a contest where you had to make a final boss fight with a stage 1-3 boss.

I'm gonna be honest I spent almost the entire month and a half working on my LoLK bossrush (no regrets, my best script by far) so I just kind of threw this together in 2 weeks with what little free time I had recently. But I still hope it's serviceable enough.

There is only a Hard difficulty, but I tried going easy on it.

Credits and thanks to:
-Marisa, Wakasagihime, Touhou and graphics belong to ZUN
-LoLK Marisa player by Lushie/Lusushime(made from Ultima Reimu by Ultima)
-Music is Beacon of Treason by Misora
-mkm for the Danmakufu ph3 engine, Wishmakers for Woo (and everyone else who helps with improving it)
-Sparen and Helepolis for their Danmakufu tutorials
-ExPorygon for the ZUN and Allstar shotsheets
-Gtbot for circle healthbar
-Everyone who has played this and has given their feedback or bug reports
-People from Bullet Hell Engines that helped me either with code or by supporting and motivating me
-Yuke for inspiration
-Other scripters for inspiration
-Anyone who watches or shares my scripts