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Author: Lusus
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: lusus, seija
Last updated at: August 2 2020, 08:35 AM
File Size: 46.6 MB
Downloads: 94

The third Danmakufu script featuring the one and only Seija, but featuring completely different style of Danmaku for her that has probably been featured already in some really obscure yuke video nobody knew about before. The patterns here are tricky, but I tried to go easy on the difficulty to compensate for the gimmicks. Emphasis on tried.

The script comes with modifications that should make it look a lot more HD than what Danmakufu does by default. For more info read the readme.

I hope you will enjoy!


Update 1.01:
-Made most patterns at least slightly easier (especailly the first 2 spells)
-4th spell is harder on Lunatic (otherwise unchanged)
-The plural without the settings actually works correctly now
-During the second spell the charge effect only happens once now so it is hopefully less distracting
-Charge effect during 3rd non and 5th spell alternates between red and blue

Credits and thanks to:
-Reimu, Seija, Touhou, graphics and the music belong to ZUN
-Roka Enzaki/Gusana Wornis for remixed Seija's theme in UFO style for me
-mkm for the Danmakufu ph3 engine, Wishmakers for Woo (and everyone else who helps with improving it)
-Sparen and Helepolis for their Danmakufu tutorials
-Ultima for the Reimu DDC player
-ExPorygon for the ZUN and Allstar shotsheets
-Gtbot for circle healthbar
-InceRabbit and Plus for testing my first version and telling me my "Normal" was actually Hard
-People from Bullet Hell Engines that helped me with a few questions I asked
-Everyone who liked my patterns ideas when I showed them off, it gave me a lot of motivation
-Other scripters for inspiration