Author: Lusushime~
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: legacy of lunatic kingdom, junko, clownpiece, sagume, hecatia, doremy, seiran, ringo, lolk, lusus, bossrush
Last updated at: April 27 2021, 02:05 PM

File Size: 93.5 MB
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Download of version 1.00 in case the latest version breaks something while I'm asleep(and if you just want to try the old version):

Probably the most ambitious thing I've made so far. This is my Legacy of Bossrush Kingdom (trademark, very original name), a script that has you fight every single boss from LoLK.

There are 3 difficulty settings (Normal, Hard and Lunatic) along with the ability to play in both Legacy mode and Pointdevice mode(no ability to save) or practice each boss on their own. You have infinite lives and bombs are disabled, so you can focus purely on dodging. Your deaths are also tracked on the right, so you can compare them between attempts to see how well you did. A Legacy run takes about 13-15 minutes.

Like my last 2 scripts this one is also optimized for a higher resolution to make Danmakufu's image better looking. The default resolution in this version of Danmakufu is set to 1280x960, but any 4:3 resolution should work as intended (hopefully). The speedup button is set to C so it is less likely you will hit it by accident during gameplay.

I tried my best to balance all 3 difficulties and tried to stay more on the easy side (since all my previous scripts are extremely hard). I can clear both Normal and Hard without much issue, but I hope Lunatic is well enough balanced a well.

Feedback and bug reports are very much appreciated.

Oldest download:

Version 1.06:
-Lowered the hitbox of the big glowing bullets
-Made Junko's first spell use big glowing bullets instead of fireballs and made it faster
-A proper menu coming sometime in the next decade

Version 1.05:
-Made Junko's first spell harder on all difficulties (hopefully not too much though)
-Sagume's second non has a slightly bigger delay between yinyang spawns to lower bullet overlap
-Changed Clownpiece's spell background slightly
-You become invincible for a bit after killing patterns, hopefully this gets rid of last frame deaths and some pointdevice shenanigans

Version 1.04:
-Added a bit of RNG to how Doremy's second spell spawns, it was really weird and repetitive before so hopefully this makes it more interesting
-Reimu's speed was changed to 4.5 when unfocused (like how it's supposed to be) from 4 (thanks ttbd)
-Full fight practices now give you infinite lives (thanks MirrorSamurai)
-Fixed a typo in one of Hecatia's spellcards names (thanks Syoudre and MirrorSamurai)
-Fixed a 0,0 bug on Junko's second spell (thanks Tails)

Version 1.03:
-Speed key is set to C now so you are less likely to accidentally press it
-Changed a lot of bullet hitboxes to be smaller, they were bigger than intended or just felt awkward (thanks everyone for feedback)
-Doremy final should be a lot easier now on every difficulty (it was insane)
-I made the acceleration/deacceleration take slightly longer on Clownpiece's first spell on every difficulty so I hope it's more bearable because people struggle with it a lot
-A few other more unnoticeable balancing changes on a few other patterns to make them very slightly easier/harder
-Hopefully fixed some bugs (music not stopping when boss is defeated, some infinite loops not having an out, timeout sound playing while Pointdevice is resetting, probably more I forgot about).

Version 1.02:
-Doremy's first spell is just a bit different to prevent a safe spot by standing in the middle
-All scripts now load at the beginning of the script, it will freeze at the start for longer but there shouldn't be any/many freezes during the script itself

Version 1.01:
-Fixed Hecatia not moving at the start of spells after dying on Pointdevice
-Music is now paused when you pause
-Changed Doremy's 3rd spell to be slightly easier (mostly on Normal, probably unnoticeable on Hard and Lunatic)
-Clownpiece's 3rd non gives you a slightly bigger window to dodge
-Hecatia's final is a bit harder on Normal because I felt like it was a bit too anticlimactic
-Added a spawning effect for star bullets on Hecatia's final.

Credits and thanks to:
-Marisa, Seiran, Ringo, Doremy, Sagume, Clownpiece, Junko, Hecatia Red, Hecatia Blue, Hecatia Yellow, Touhou, graphics and the music belong to ZUN
-LoLK Marisa player by Lushie/Lusushime(made from Ultima Reimu by Ultima)
-mkm for the Danmakufu ph3 engine, Wishmakers for Woo (and everyone else who helps with improving it)
-Sparen and Helepolis for their Danmakufu tutorials
-ExPorygon for the ZUN and Allstar shotsheets
-Gtbot for circle healthbar
-Everyone who has played this and has given their feedback or bug reports
-People from Bullet Hell Engines that helped me either with code or by supporting and motivating me
-Other scripters for inspiration
-Anyone who watches or shares my scripts