Author: Lusushime~
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: junko, lusus
Last updated at: March 5 2021, 01:14 PM

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This is my first script for Danmakufu. The script comes with Danmakufu Woo because it's the version I made the script on.
I've started learning how to use danmakufu and started working on this about 2-3 months ago.
It might not be super impressive or innovative, but I'm very proud of what I made.

Junko has 4 nonspells and 7 spells, 1 of them is a timeout spell (just like in the original game.
Non spells are pretty standard Junko danmaku, but the spells are my own take on what danmaku Junko would use.
Balanced around Ultima's DDC Reimu player that comes with the script. I left the freedom to pick other players, but I recommend playing with the player script that comes with this script.

The script is a plural script, but all attacks can be played as singles.
The plural script gives you 9 lives and bombs reset to 3 when you die.

1.01: Made a part of the first spell that was meant to be static actually static and also adjusted the background code slightly so it hopefully runs at least slightly better.
1.02: 4th non rings expand slightly more, 4th spell bullets were made faster and survival was made harder.Along with a few background tweaks to stuff. Everything else should hopefully work normally!
1.03: Hopefully fixed a bug with bullets and particles sometimes not getting deleted after a attack is defeated. Junko also moves faster(still moves at same intervals) and may move a bit up and down during some attacks now. Also some minor graphical tweaks.
Update: I didn't actually update the script the last time I said I did. Oops.

Getting some feedback on sound volume would be nice too. My hearing has not been that well lately so I probably haven't balanced the audio that well.

Credits and thanks to:
-Reimu, Junko, Touhou, graphics and the music belong to ZUN
-mkm for the Danmakufu ph3 engine, Wishmakers for improving it
-Sparen and Helepolis for their Danmakufu tutorials
-Ultima for the Reimu DDC player
-ExPorygon for the ZUN and Allstar shotsheets
-Gtbot for circle healthbar and spell cutins
-InceRabbit for letting me copy and edit his non spell background (the sea and moon)
-People from Bullet Hell Engines that helped me with a few questions I asked
-Other scripters for inspiration
-Everybody who has given me positive reception so far, I can't thank you enough!