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Author: LunarHazuki
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: reimu, of, shrine, maiden, paradise
Last updated at: July 18 2015, 08:22 AM
File Size: 16.3 MB
Downloads: 742

---------Shrine Maiden Of Paradise By Lunarethic------------

The Great Battle with the Shrine Maiden of Paradise!

As with Casket Of Star and Seiran feel free to choose any player you wish to use, but I have included ILS Marisa. If you have no player available to match the damage rate.

Any Feedback is appreciated, If any glitches occur please note me about this. Enjoy!
Let me know if I should add anything or change anything.

This script gives you 8 lives and 2 bombs at the start.

There are no plurals for different difficulties, Difficulties are selected via an ingame menu, and please do note that YOUR TIME ON THE DIFFICULTY SCREEN IS SEEN ON REPLAY. I dont know if i can do anything about this however.

Last Word is accessible only on Hard and Lunatic Mode


Reimu By ZUN | Pallete Swap by ZUN
Original Concentration Effect from Faries of Sorcery by Shijimi Nono
Stage BG and SpellCard BG are from Youkai Kori Kassen, UFO and Originals made by me
Boss BGM From Youkai Kori Kassen
Last Word BGM From Faries of Sorcery