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Author: LunarHazuki
Category: Single
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: halloween, youmu, script, pumpkin, 15, afterlife, trick, shoot, range, or
Last updated at: October 22 2015, 08:33 AM
File Size: 23.6 MB
Downloads: 915

---------Pumpkin Of The AfterLife? By Lunarethic------------

Happy Halloween!! Fight the Pumpkin of the AfterLife in this spooky night!

This is for RaNGE #15 Trick or Shoot, any player can be chosen so feel free to choose any player you wish to use, but I have included ILS Marisa and ILS Reimu B (with probably the worst looking bomb ever). If you have no player available to match the damage rate.

Any Feedback is appreciated, If any glitches occur please note me about this. Enjoy!
Let me know if I should add anything or change anything.

This script gives you 8 lives and 2 bombs at the start.

There are 2 difficulty of this.
"Contest East" is for Easy-Normal players.
"Contest Hard" is Hard-Lunatic players.


Youmu By ZUN | Pallete Swaps By Me
Original Concentration Effect from Faries of Sorcery by Shijimi Nono
Stage BG and SpellCard BG are Highly Edited By Me (All base image belong to respective owners)
Stage BGM From Fantastic Danmaku Festival
Boss BGM From Fantastic Danmaku Festival