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Author: Cairoh_KyunSoftware
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: fangame, seasons, kyun, trial, leafs, autumm, calamity
Last updated at: August 11 2019, 12:46 PM
The author has not uploaded a script for this project.
Please check back later.
Downloads: 575

This is an Fangame based on Touhou

whats inside?
-Title Screen
-Stage 1-4 Reimu Story
-Easy - Lunatic Difficulty
-6 Playable Characters (RH, MK, SK, YS, OK, KH) (!!!but only Reimu Story!!!)
-Bossnumber: 4 (K, MY, YA, AA)
-extendet Life / Stage

known Bugs:
-Spell end Bullets (will be fixed in full version)
-Stage 2 Boss Fairy bug (not an extreme bug anyway)
-back to Title Screen bug

whats in the next version?
-Stage 5-6 Reimu Story
-Stage 1-6 Marisa Story

please visit my site:
or search my Facebook page for news
and recomment my game and write about bugs, wishes, anything

please click on my readme.txt