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Author: Cairoh_KyunSoftware
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: 0.12m
Tags: kyun, watatsuki, extra, legacy of lunatic kingdom, phantasm, lunatic, legacy, kingdom, moon, lolk, phantasmogria, kyun soft, fanprojekt, kanjuden, moon capital, junko, clownpiece, hecatia, seiran, ringo, doromy, sagumu
Last updated at: August 11 2019, 12:46 PM
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Downloads: 885

Name: Kanjuden Phantasmogria*Projekt
Programmer: Kyun
DNF Version: 0.12m
Version: 1.00b
Kind: Fansequel for Original Game
*This is my first Danmakufu Script*
*Copyright is not by me*


~Phatasmogria Stage (Midboss, Boss, Enemys, Dialog)
~Boss (Nonspells, Spellcard, Survival Spellcard)
~Player (Deafault Players + Reimu Hakurei A + C)
~Stage BGM: "Viszilation Moon ~ Dark outer Last World of Io*"
*Io = Own Character from me...Comes in an future Projekt
~Boss BGM: "Edge of Nights ~ Fairytale of Lunatian Space"
~Location: Moon Capital (Night) - 1st Street

-NEXT UPDATE- (~1.00a~)

+ 2 Spell Cards
+ 1 Survival Card
+ No Continue Mode
+ Spell Card BG
+ more Dialog
+ Enemys (from LoLK)
+ Secret Stage (Pandaemonium Stage after Phantasmogria Stage / Phantasm Stage 2)

Hello^^ My name is Kyun and under this Name I make Scripts for Danmakufu.
For now i make only 0.12m Scripts, but later also with ph3. Here you have my first Script...
if you have questions or some points for me, ple4ase contact me on my E-mail Adress ([email protected])
or visit my site:

Thanks to Helepolis, Sparen and Zun
...and you~


Kanjuden Phantasmogira 1.00b

Next Projekt:
Kanjuden Phantasmogia 1.00a

Projekt in Work:
Touhou Houtenkyou Projekt:
~Treasure Castle Labyrinth 1.00b (Stage 1-6) Bosses are Ready, Stage 1-3 are Ready)
~Treasure Castle Labyrinth 1.50b (Mainstory, Extra + Phantasmogria)
~Treasure Castle Labyrinth 2.00a (Mainstory + Extra + Phantasmogria + Sequel)

Projekt in Plan:
~Shounentouhou (RE:Touhou 6 - 15)
~Schounentouhou Taimutoraberu (RE:Touhou 1 - 5)
~Touhou Phantasmogria World (Touhou 1-6 + 8-14 Phantasm Stages)
~(6 Own Touhou Games with own Characters...Names comming soon)
~Everyday Extra Rumbeling (Day 1 to Day 15)