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Author: kylesky
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: 0.12m
Tags: touhou, survival, yamame, kisume, kylesky, utsuho, sa, subterranean animism, last word, last spell, spell practice, parsee, yuugi, satori, orin, koishi
Last updated at: March 15 2015, 10:09 PM
File Size: 8.02 MB
Downloads: 2049

Last words for the cast of SA... they may seem a bit broken, and I don't think some are Last Word difficulty...

there's 4 modes in the rar... 1st is Continuous Play, which basically places you against every last word until you get hit or beat every one (this one's a bit hard cause Kisume's is first :V scroll down to her section for the reason why), 2nd is Continuous Play B, which is like the first, but instead, it sends you to the next character even if you get hit, 3rd is the basic single card and 4th is single continuous which is basically a stage script that restarts if you get hit (for people who're lazy to press backspace or go back to the menu and stuff :V)

Please note that I thought of these ideas a long time ago (months before DS was released), so they may not be that good and stuff...

Kisume: "Demon Bucket-Monster"
I don't know why or how one of the hardest last words went to the stage 1 midboss, but oh well :V... Kisume moves above you and creates 5 lasers moving down that act somehow like the ones in the SA spell card, and she shoots arrowheads like her nonspells while doing this. I can't even survive 3/4 of this spell card :V

Yamame: "Spider of Miasma"
Yamame creates a web-like pattern (would've made it a bit more web-like, but it already uses a lot of processing power as is) with lasers, every start and end of each laser creates a small pattern similar to her 2nd spell card's.

Parsee: "Ritual of Jealousy"
The only survival card here. Parsee creates an extremely toned down version of Green-Eyed Monster, but the bullets spread into the flower pattern on one of her spell cards, which then shoots out and acts like the bullets on her last spell card. She also shoots movement limiting rings at the center of the screen.

Yuugi: "Spirit of Sake"
Yuugi creates the back portion of her ring spell card thing (forgot the name :V) to limit movement, while creating a modified version of Knockout in Three Steps (the first 2 parts of each wave at least)... Can't even survive 2 waves :|... would've added something like her midboss spell card, but this was getting a bit confusing already...

Satori: "Sleep for the Insomniacs"
This is how hard falling asleep is for insomniacs :V (not really... I think it's a little harder for them to sleep)... Well... it's pretty chaotic, so I won't even bother explaining this one...

Orin: "Hordes of Abaddon" (yes, Abaddon the thing in hell :V)
The hardest boss gets the hardest last word :V... 6 Fairies move out while shooting stuff at you, then lunge at you and make bubbles... All this while Orin makes her extra crap that's also found on her last spell card I think...

Utsuho: "Subterranean Nuclear Fission"
4 Heaven Hell Meltdown like ball things go out to the sides, then Utsuho recreates her 2nd spell card (without the extra crap)

Koishi: "Guiltless Pleasure"
Embers of Love, coming from the corners and super sped up... was originally slow, but that was too easy... now it's freaking impossible for me to beat :V