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Author: kylesky
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: 0.12m
Tags: sakuya, touhou, kylesky, knifed, boss, keine, caved, alice, doll, pads
Last updated at: January 13 2014, 06:43 PM
File Size: 20.3 MB
Downloads: 970

Easier versions of all the previous bosses grouped into 1 folder, enjoy! :D

Note: Someone (:V) doesn't want me to change the old versions so just treat these as easy-normal and hard-lunatic versions...

Changes a hell lot of them:
All 3 scripts:
-Added Invincibility to the start of all attacks (didn't have previously, got too lazy to add them :V)
-Added the heightening of the damage ratio in spell cards (hope it's not too high)
-Lowered the bomb damage for spell cards (try 2 bombs this time :V)
-Used my dialogue function this time
-Added some extra effects
-Added single playthrough (or spell practice :V)

-No changes in non-spells :/
-Killer Watch Lunatic has been made easier (but the kunais have more WTF juice in them now :V)
-Devil Clock Lunatic is now even more liquid awesome (and noisy...)
-Knife Cage Normal and Lunatic has been made easier
-Pocket Watch of Blood walling wave has been made easier

-Nonspells 2 and 4 Normal and Lunatic bullet density decreased
-God of Legends Lunatic arrowhead density lessened and delay between aimed pellets is increased
-Bridge to the Heavens Normal pellets slowed
-Bridge to the Heavens Lunatic pellet density lessened, but the explosion range is increased
-Today's History Normal and Lunatic waves vary now, and the arrowheads target you when they start moving instead of when they're fired

-Added a dialogue
-Animated the sprite (wasn't animated before :V was too lazy)
-Nonspell 1 Normal and Lunatic bullet density decreased
-Nonspells 3 and 4 Normal and Lunatic made hell lots easier and slower
-Nonspell 3 Lunatic became too easy so I had to increase bullet density :V
-Grand Doll Performance Normal and Lunatic bullet density decreased and made the pattern vary a bit (to remove the incredibly obvious safespot on normal :V)
-Doll Suicider Normal and Lunatic bullet density decreased, explosion bubbles lessened and slowed down
-Dolls of Mischief Normal and Lunatic added yellow bubbles to prevent empty space after all dolls dying
-Dolls of Mischief Lunatic bullet density decreased which affected the pattern by a bit, but it's still the same thing
-Great Phantom Dolls of Sorrow Normal and Lunatic pattern changed a bit, bullet density decreased and red pellet speed decreased a bit