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Author: kirbio
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: contest, marisa, hakkero, alice, satori, patchouli, game, full, komeiji, recollection, kirbio, artifact
Last updated at: March 28 2015, 07:48 AM
File Size: 45.2 MB
Downloads: 1840

- Added Option Menu to adjust the lifebars and 3DBackground
- Include original exe file in "original exe" folder in case of the edited EXE crashed randomly.
If it still crashed randomly,please report it in the comment section with the detail of crash
,when did it crashed and what did you do
- Various resource optimizing,Load the plural in loading,Delete the unused objects to reduce
resource usage
-Replay is STILL desync sometimes

This is my entry for Artifact Contest 2 featuring Hakkero.
All credits are in readme.txt please read that.

Danmakufu is already included in this package.

If you have a problem/bug report. Please leave it in a comment section.

Now,enjoy the script! ^^

PS:To the judge,it is your own decision that you are going to judge the recollection part or not. But I also give a "twist" to the spell.