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People may already be familiar with this series after seeing the Dave script on Youtube, but here is the gist of it:

In DanMATHSkufu, you take control of Reimu and fight your way through some of the toughest foes out there, ie the teachers of the University of Warwick's maths department (in the UK). These devilish foes have many maths-based non-spells and spellcards that you will have to analyse to eventually overcome...

The enemy in this script is James Robinson, analysis lecturer and functional analysis researcher.

BONUS (for those actually interested in the mathematical references):
- The first spellcard deals with the notion of convergence which is central in Analysis (essentially the idea is that things get closer and closer to a "limit"). I tried to convey that in the fact that the field eventually gets very claustrophobic since everything in it seems to be closing in on the player.

-The second nonspell uses wavy patterns obtained by using the sine function, which is studied in depth at university level (and which happens to be one of James's favourite functions, hence its inclusion here). The second spell also references this by creating a BoWaP style pattern.

- The third spell is a reference to the Hahn-Banach theorem, which basically states that given a linear function defined on a special subset of aso called "vector space", you can find a function defined on the whole vector space preserving the original function on the subset... it is an extension. Therefore the idea here was to convey the notion of extension by having lines of bullets suddenly expand to fill the field. It also continues to utilise the sine function by the incorporation of the wavy lines of rice bullets..

-The fourth spell is a reference to the Mean Value Theorem (a consequence of Rolle's theorem) which has a nice geometrical interpretation but I'm too lazy to write it down since I mostly use it in an analytical sense. Look it up though, it's cool :) !

-The final spell references continuity which is a way of saying that a graph of a function has no "holes" in it, ie you can draw it without lifting your pen off the paper (this is the crudest way imaginable to describe it though). Here the idea is that the lines of amulets form discontinuities in the playing field.

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