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Danmakufu Version: ph3
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Last updated at: November 17 2019, 12:54 PM

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With updated visuals, THREE difficulty settings and around 3 quarters of the attack patterns from the former script redesigned, this is more of a remake than it is a patch for the script Dave.. Although I had always appreciated the latter, I knew that it was quite unpolished and so I decided to remake it with my current knowledge of danmakufu and game design in general.


In DanMATHSkufu, you take control of Reimu and fight your way through some of the toughest foes out there, ie the teachers of the University of Warwick's maths department (in the UK). These devilish foes have many maths-based non-spells and spellcards that you will have to analyse to eventually overcome...

The opponent is Dave Wood, director of undergraduate studies and researcher in dynamical systems (ie the evolution of systems over time, basically the study of randomness). The notions of time, randomness, chaos and movement play a key role in most of the patterns of this (long) script.

BONUS (for those interested in the references):

-The first spell references phase portraits (graphical representations of solutions to differential equations) by the inclusion of spawn points from which arrows (vectors) shoot out: these are unstable fixed points. The "unstable forms" are also a reference to topology in which the warping of figures from one shape to another is common, hence the purple warping cage.

- The second nonspell and spell are references to the butterfly effect (butterflies hit the ground and sky causing more and more things to appear in the second nonspell and the second spel literally has butterfly figures coming at the player).

-The third nonspell is another reference to dynamics and randomness.

-The third spell is unsubtle in its references, to say the least.. at least they're there!

- The fourth spell references time, via Dave's ability to manipulate it, and rewind it.

- The fifth spell is more of a cheeky Undertale/ Sans reference, but fits nonetheless.

-The sixth spell is another callback to phase portraits. Here the solutions of many differential equations are represented!

The next spells are then references to the previous scripts in the series, for the most part. Anyway, have fun!

FEEDBACK/ CRITICISM IS VERY WELCOME AND WISHED FOR. You can contact me at [email protected] or on my Discord (Kinghidrorah #7442).

As of 17/11/19, a video showcasing this version has been added to this page.