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Danmakufu Version: ph3
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Designed by the great and powerful Mima, these orbs are ones that pack a punch. There's only so much one can do with them, but they can be created on a whim.

way (integer) - Number of orbs. This will create the specified number of orbs.
pos (array) - Sets the orbs in the position specified in the array. The array is [x_pos,y_pos].
orb_life (integer) - Sets the Life of the orbs to the number specified. The number MUST be over 0. Otherwise, they will merely disappear.
col_arr (array) - Tied to the way argument. Will set the color of the orb to any of the four colors
(e.g. way = 4, col_arr = [0,1,2,3])
enemy_border (integer) - After passing out the screen, once it gets far enough, it auto-deletes the orb. The recommended is 17 or over.
hitbox (boolean) - If set to true, allows the orbs to be hit by player shots. Otherwise, the shots will pass through it.

orb_arr (array) - An array of the orbs created, so you may move them properly. The orbs are Enemy-type Objects.

MIMAORB_GREEN - The first orb, depicting a Monad.
MIMAORB_PURPLE - The second orb, depicting a Star of David.
MIMAORB_RED - The third orb, depicting a Human.
MIMAORB_BLUE - The final orb, depicting a Cross.

JynX - Sprites
KingOfDeath - Coding
Sparen, Helepolis, and the Bullet Hell Engines Server (formerly a part of) - Help with understanding Danmakufu PH3.