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Author: Junky
Category: Player
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: player, 2, len'en, shou, jun, amanomori, amanomiya, multiplayer
Last updated at: April 13 2017, 03:10 PM
File Size: 4.1 MB
Downloads: 781

I've attempted to do something I don't think I've seen before in Danmakufu specifically. You read the title right, 2 people can play a danmakufu script at the same time.
I Highly Recommend Plugging In Another Keyboard When Using This Player!

==Thank you to SKN SMR (Sakana) for providing me with the Shou and Jun player sprites.

Controls for player 2 as player 1's controls are the same as the default:
- J = Left
- L = Right
- I = Up
- K = Down
- A = Focus
- D = Shoot
- F = Spell

- C = Switch control over who controls whitch character (position of the characters stay the same so beware to not hit C by accident)

Info about the player it's self:
- Player 2 getting hit forces player 1 to bomb
- If there are no more bombs left, then instead player 1's speed is reduced heavily
- Player 1 is the only person who is able to loose lives, so player 2 can get hit as many times as they want
- I would have made it so player 2 getting hit also results in loosing a life but I can't do that due to how player hitboxes work