Author: Junky
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Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: boss, library, fairy, sprites, sprite, enemy, len'en
Last updated at: February 3 2017, 08:11 AM

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Inspired by Gizmo's "Preset Animated Touhou Boss and Fairy Sprite Library"

*Now includes all existing boss characters (past stage 4 of Len'en 4)

Code adapted from AJS (pls dun't kill me)

So want to make a Len'en script (or any script in general) and you want to use a Len'en character? Here you go.

Includes all bosses from Len'en 1 to Len'en 4 v 1.00a.

Use " renderBoss(Enemy,Name,Scale,FrameSpeed,Invincible); " For boss sprites

Use " renderFairy(Enemy,Type,Vary,Scale,FrameSpeed,Invincible); " - For fairy sprites

There are some other miscellaneous enemies included.

All of the graphics were done by JINX.

Len'en is an awesome game series.

I will be updating this when Len'en 4 gets further updated.