Author: Junky
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: extra, nitori, mitori, fanmade
Last updated at: September 11 2020, 06:36 PM

File Size: 111 MB
Downloads: 483

After a year an a half, this darn script is finally done.
I really wanted to make a Mitori script that doesn't just copy-paste Koishi's spells like a phantasm stage would.
Anyways I hope you enjoy this. This was a pain to finish.
This script is kinda hard.
Also be sure that you don't play the rng patch on your first run (the dnh that doesn't have the Nitori icon).

Wishmakers: dnh_woo
GCP: 3D signs, some other images, dialogue revision, playtesting
Adam: Dialogue
fessy: Playtesting
ZUN: The Touhou Man himself (characters, textures, sfx)
jynx: Sfx
Gusana Wornis: Nitori Sprite (I think)
Everyone from the Red Cucumber thread 2ch: Mitori
Me: Scripting, art, outfit design

Contact me at Joonkeh#8424 on Discord so you can shout at me about the hardness.