Author: Jackie Matthews
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: contest, cirno, mokou, fire, ice, bha2
Last updated at: December 25 2020, 11:38 AM

File Size: 68.7 MB
Downloads: 159

Merry Christmas!!! This is the revamp edition of Ice and Fire released for Christmas! ^^ For the legacy contest edition, go here:
This script currently uses an almost-latest build of ph3sx which may or may not work for some computers.
Please make sure to have a read of the readme.txt and enjoy your gameplay!

Quick patch to fix stage ending, replays and so

Increased HP from 110000 to 137500
Final Attack fix
Potential lag squashes

Added back config_ph3sx.exe for configuration of res and whatever
Options Menu removed for the time being

Cirno and Mokou's sprite now recoloured to be slightly accurate to modern Touhou (originals are included too)
Increased HP even more (137500 to 294100)
Player Damage crits
Difficulties! (Extreme only for now... will be patched in eventually)
First Attack now has a better phase two
Second Attack now has Cirno attacking once the attack repeats
Fourth Attack redone (better blizzard flashbang, better shotgun o' scales, much more better attacks in general)
Fifth Attack extended
Final Attack telegraphed appropriately
An actual animation(?) for defeating the two bosses (finally.)

For further queries or bug reports that severely affect the script, please shoot me a DM on Discord (@Jackie Matthews#3217)
Much more to come till next script!