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Author: Jackie Matthews
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: bha2, ice, fire, mokou, cirno, contest
Last updated at: February 28 2021, 02:34 PM
File Size: 86.4 MB
Downloads: 178

Hello! This is my very first script on Bullet Forge! My entry for the Bullet Hell Artistry #2 contest!
It is currently unfinished but contains up to six patterns within one step. So expect A LOT of bugs, unfinished stuff and lag (can't help you... sorry!)
This script currently uses an almost-latest build of ph3sx which may or may not work for some computers.
Please make sure to have a read of the readme.txt and enjoy your gameplay!

0.02a - Quick patch to fix stage ending, replays and so, no options at the moment; things are still buggy!
0.05a - Increased HP from 110000 to 137500, Final Attack fix, potential lag squashing.
0.06a - Added back config_ph3sx.exe (which was being killed by my anti-virus when I was using it), Options removed on the main menu for the time being, that will be added back post contest judgement.
Notes: I don't know how to fix the weird music bug so keep that in mind that it will be utterly annoying for recordings. :pensive:

For further queries or bug reports that severely affect the script, please shoot me a DM on Discord (@Jackie Matthews#3217)
Much more to come till next script!

(To Ensure Submission Date: 07/09/2020)