Author: Jackie Matthews
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: contest, reimu, unexpected, nazrin, final, bha3, siege, monster, hunter, kulve, taroth, monster hunter, mastermind
Last updated at: March 1 2021, 03:42 PM

File Size: 73.2 MB
Downloads: 233

Hello, this is my second script on yet ANOTHER contest! This time it's indulges MANY reference from Monster Hunter World!

This script is currently the "Lite Version" meaning it's only half the fight and things might be unstable (bugs to be expected!!)
It uses an almost-latest build of ph3sx which may or may not work for some computers!
Please make sure to have a read of the readme.txt and enjoy your gameplay!
I highly recommend using the config to set it to 1280x960 but I'm not down to judge! It MIGHT make it easier.
(note: WHITELIST THE CONFIG! as an anti-virus MIGHT pick it up as a threat!!)

0.52a - Quick Fix to Treasure not restarting.
0.75a - More content upgrade.
0.76a - Quick Fix for BGM Music Setting Not Working(?) + increased the max treasure count to five digits (AFTER THE DEADLINE?! yeah, since it won't be judged that much, so NO more pattern content! Only 0.75a added that which was BEFORE the deadline)

For further queries or bug reports that severely affect the script, please shoot me a DM on Discord (@Jackie Matthews#3217)

(To Ensure Submission Date: 28/02/2021)