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A battle with the original menace of Gensokyo, the Astral Knight Konngara.
The script is held in the format of a stage 6 boss battle in the vein of Yuyuko and Byakuren, that is 6 cards and 4 noncards. The noncards are a homage to the attacks Konngara used in the original The Highly Responsive to Prayers. You can choose between a regular "Free" battle and a battle where the noncards restrict you to the bottom of the playing field like the original tHRtP.
Available in easy, normal, hard and lunatic difficulty.


Otherworldly Assault - "Starfall"
Underworld Sign - "Casting Ripples on Phlegethon"
Underworld Sign - "Shatter the Coating of Cocytus"
Dimensional Voyage - "Sliver Reality"
Nightmare Sign - "Spirit Summoning Circle"
The Art of War