Happy New Year 2019! Hikariko Aosagi!

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ph3 Stage 737


- This boss script is based on the third boss from the touhou fangame "Touhou Shinjutou ~ Hollow Song of Birds" (developed by Shijimi Nono, Ido and raichu), but in a different world on the outside.
The Trial Version of the fangame was released in May 12th, 2018 (that date before I played that fangame and make my first script).

- I hope MegamanOmega likes players linked to scripts on Danmakufu, and yeah, the player of this script is Nemuno Yakata, the idol from my upcoming original bullet-hell game "Star of Idols/Aidoruhoshi".

- Some updates: I had to polish the spell background for Hikariko by drawing an aosagibi on IbisPaintX and change the dialogue and some danmaku patterns due to the difficulty of dodging. Check the changelog.txt for updates.

- My best part of all during Hika's third spell after the second dialogue is a reference on Ozzie840/ExPorygon's hilarious youtube video "Stream Highlights - New Magician" where the part "Where's the GRAVITY?!!" reminds me of. It's on the timestamp link of the said video: https://youtu.be/KvAJkvtr_Ng?t=2019
- Technincally Hikariko's last spell from HSoB is originally a reference of "Raven's Artificial Sun" but with no gravity. As for this fan script, the last (not final) spell is included with gravity pull, not the original. Don't be serious, please!

- One more thing, if you played this script (also if you play Hollow Song of Birds), be sure to leave a review in the thread link: https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,21528.0.html
- And yeah, SPECIAL THANKS (Especially ones I gave permission to (*) ) TO:

- *DJ Abner (@koishiin) for accepting my permission for mashup of Mima's theme (from The Shattered Sky) and Hikariko's theme (from Hollow Song of Birds).
- *Wanwan (@wanwan44) for accepting my permission for the credit of Hikariko's theme.

for meanings, check out the README.txt file on the script folder when you download it.
- Event Story

"It's a breezy night in the Cityscape of Osaka (the Outside World). The idol Nemuno is out for her next concert with her best idol, Mizusa, in five hours. Out of nowhere, a stray blue heron youkai appeared out from Gensokyo to test her determination against Nemuno in terms of danmaku. Only if Nemuno had to deal with: Surpass the strength of a youkai!"
- Credits:

- "Noble Green Cinderella"
-- Originally composed by Wanwan; Later mixed by HumanReploidJP (Me).
-- As well as the mashup of Mima's Theme (from TSS) which I give permission to DJ Abner (Team Dreamcatcher) during the mima spell.
--- the Mima part is "Void of Light ~ Magician's Requiem" from The Shattered Sky, originally composed by DJ Abner.

- Boss sprites, retro sound effects (except the item script) made by HumanReploidJP.