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Danmakufu Version: ph3
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Last updated at: April 25 2017, 08:36 PM

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A rumour spread around the area that a certain mythical place exists where you can eat, drink and dance your heart out.

It seems our ordinary magician, Kirisame Marisa had obtained this information from an unknown person and carefully told Reimu to avoid the Tengu from hearing about it so it wouldn't spread uncontrolled. Marisa claimed she had never seen the person around and she also looked quite foreign. Our girls didn't exactly knew what to do with the information, except laugh at it as it was some sort of tale a child would come up with. However, that 'tale' was soon to come alive. The beginning of the tale: 東方宝演舞 ~ Treasured Dance Performance.


Newest version: v1.50
Previous version: v1.11

- Spell Practice updated. Now displays total captures and high score
- Continue system added. In Story Mode the player has 2 continues
- Implemented partially general Touhou Style scoring (clear bonus, graze, point value, etc.)

Game play:
- Minor adjustments on boss attack or spell card pattern adjusted

HUD & User Interface:
- HUD or messages have been adjusted to guide the player during story mode
- Incorrect number display for counters fixed
- ENEMY marker hides correctly when the boss or duo is defeated
- Score value for Stage and Spell Practice is now separately tracked

Player Characters:
- Marisa shot type slightly adjusted. Fires now extra missiles at angle for wider shot
- A problem with Alice' laser has been fixed
- Yukari's Ran homing abilities adjusted. Now resembles Touhou 8 better
- Invincibility after pichuun 2s -> 4s

Bugs and optimisation:
- Game menus adjusted for smoother transition (hopefully)
- An invisible menu option at the pause screen for replays has been fixed
- Exiting to title after death resulted in missplaced graphics. This has been fixed
- Marisa's spell card caused lots of unnecessary objects. These are now correctly deleted
- Selected Team is now memorized when exiting or entering menus
- Some undeleted sprites (effects, mini fifi-chan, etc) now are proper deleted when they no longer exist (unsure)
- All duet bosses now proper process their effects

Other improvements:
- English and Japanese text corrections
- BGM usage slightly modified
- Some spell card backgrounds changed or modified