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Author: Haru
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: hecatia lapislazuli, locaa 8 entry
Last updated at: July 2 2016, 04:56 PM
File Size: 43.2 MB
Downloads: 1039

----------------------------------1.20c update------------------------------------
- Reduce Clownpiece's status as a boss into a hitbox-less familiar.
----------------------------------1.10c update------------------------------------
- Reduced the Fireballs', Laser Tips' and Kunais' hitbox size.
- Absurdly Extra Mode bug fixed.
- Reduce the boss' life in the whole Extra Mode.
- Reduced the file's size.
----------------------------------1.00c update------------------------------------
- Added "Easy Extra Mode". Judges can judge this mode.
- Added boss's position bar at the below of screen.
- Minor decoration.
----------------------------------1.00b update------------------------------------
- Added "Absurdly Extra Mode" which contains the revelation why there're 2 Hecatias at the end of the fight.
- Player function changed. Now you can press X again after using bomb to instantly regenerate the player's option. (Apply to all difficulty.)
After Junko's purifying of rage. Hecatia was still confusing what was happening.
But after that, she realized that she can't think of any complex danmaku pattern anymore.
Confused Hecatia didn't know what to do except ask Junko what was happening.
At that time, she came across someone. It's Hecatia.
She was even more confused.
Maybe it's her another self? No, it is not.
Then who's she???

This script consist of 3 non-spells and 5 spells.
Difficulty : Extra and Absurdly Extra (Optional)
Player is Hecatia Lapislazuli( ? ), made by Talos Mistake.
Music is "Pandemonic Planet", composed by ZUN.
( I didn't set the music loop, so... quickly finish this script.~ )

Rounds of applause for..
- Talos Mistake, for the engine and the player.
- Kirbio, for dialogue function.
- ZUN, for images,characters, sound effects and the music.
Spell Cards Comment
1. Otherworld "Akatsuki"
[Akatsuki, is a Japanese word, means "Dawn".
Opposide of "Oumagatoki", the name of the first spell of Hecatia in Touhou 15 Extra Stage, which means "Dusk"]
A big sun.
Watching a big sunset is so romantic, isn't it?

2. Earth "Malebolge Fault Soul"
[Malebolge is the 8th floor of hell, out of 9.]
The souls are trying to escape from the hell by rising themselves from the below.
But the demon in the hell whips the fault soul back to the below.
Wait... the demon whips you.

3. Moon "Moon's Hell Torturing Device"
A torturing device of moon's hell.
This seems to be a fake device, because the moon can't hit you.
It's still brutal, anyway.

4. "All-Seeing Eye of God"
Illuminati confirmed.
A lot of triangles are trying to strike you.
At first, they think they can just simply strike you.
But at the last part, they trapped you in the maze of triangle.
Quite a challenge if you considered it as a challenge.

5. "Evel Trinity"
Three bodies, Two people, and Seven steps of spell card.
Hecatia uses her 3 bodies as three steps.
Clownpiece ignites her torch 3 times to make you gone crazy.
And .... where's the seventh step ?

"The annoying one deserves to die".