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Author: Gusana Wornis
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: touhou, gusano2314, dross, luna de pluton, sanae kotshitya, dross rotzank, top 7
Last updated at: May 29 2020, 08:18 PM
File Size: 28.3 MB
Downloads: 923

Hi, Gusano2314 here, this is my "LOCAA7: Outsider Occupation" entry, It's Dross Rotzank, a youtuber (he has some games in fact, so this is not against the rules)
3 Non Spellcards, 4 Spellcards.
A video was relased for April's Fools, but indeed this is a legitimate script. Fully playable

this was possible using the following resources:

Dross Cutin by EerieZombie:
Dross Sprite by Ricklaionel:
Ripped Audio from Dross' Videos

Extended Luna de Pluton by Christian318:

Music by Misaki Rindou:

Backgrounds and graphics made by Gusano2314 and Janitogloy

CoƱo, Verga, Marico. Soy Gusano2314, mi broma del dia de los inocentes es en realidad mi participaciĆ³n al concurso LOCAA7: Outsider Occupation
3 Non Spellcards y 4 Spellcards (para replicar un TOP 7)