Author: Gusana Wornis
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: touhou, mystical, zun, nanbei, gusano2314, elementic, rise, roka enzaki, kaori mystique
Last updated at: March 16 2018, 05:35 PM

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-Fixed all of the game's crashes, being caused by the player (it got changed ^^u)

Hello everyone, this is Gusano2314 and this is the first part of a big project i'm leading on: Touhou Ongakuka ~ Mystical Elementic Rise.
Said project is a danmakufu/music CD hybrid, this script being the danmakufu part: The final boss battle.

Gensokyo, the land where common sense doesn't exist.
It's always described as a usually peaceful place, where youkai and humans live, sometimes, an incident happens and everyone goes nuts over it. After over 20 incidents in the last years, the peace was broken completely.
Youkai constantly eating or hurting humans who exited the village, religion wars, lack of respect for even their same species. It's a complete chaos and restoring the tranquility is going to be very hard...

Hakurei Reimu, Shrine Maiden of the Paradise, wonders if all this chaos is due to another incident, but it's so baseless that she can't just go waste time on something that may or not have a culprit.


Full CD project release date is still TBA, but there will be news very soon.

--DNH ver Staff--
Leader and programmer: Gusano2314
Artist: Unett Crimson (apologies for the weird looking faces)
Graphics: Gusano2314, Janitogloy
Music: Gusano2314, Kaori Mystique