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Author: gtbot
Category: Single
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: cutin, library, function
Last updated at: May 23 2015, 01:27 PM
File Size: 221 KB
Downloads: 1354

Improved cutin function for ph3. If you've used or are using my old one, please update to this one.
1.3 Update:
- Improved multiple spellcard support (you can now properly set a new spellcard attack image and cutin type)
- Added the following cutin types: KANAKO, BYAKUREN, YABUSAME
- (If you are modifying the code) Created a new FireCutin function, which has improved flexibility compared to the previous one

Currently supports NAZRIN, KANAKO, BYAKUREN, YABUSAME, MOKOU, and AYA cutin types. Will add more later. (or you can make and add your own, I made the cutin function fairly flexible)

Comes with a sample script. View this script to see the details of the cutin function.

The cutin will be deleted when the main boss object is deleted. If it does not get removed, ensure that you yield at least once before closing the script after you delete the boss. Spellcard History is saved to the cutin_History common area data.

Please note that score from the spellcard is not added from this cutin function, as your system should be the one handling the scoring addition.