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Author: Gore
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: touhou-like th15 llc th14 ddc fruit tenkarou
Last updated at: June 14 2020, 03:29 AM
File Size: 188 MB
Downloads: 3391

 This game is the "Touhou Project" of the fan-made game

 I do not have a Team Shanghai Alice and involvement
 Please do not absolutely inquiry

 There are two modes with different rules for this game
  Paradise mode: This is the rule that we earn by utilizing the juice
  Legacy mode: This is the rule of the street until now. (You will not be able to use the juice attack)

  So I wish you good luck.
 Fine rules are generally the same kind of feeling and (DDC + LLC + TD)/3.

  Game rules
 - The purpose
  It is hit and painful object intently to Avoid going game.
  Finally because the boss is present stage, it is clear the stage if defeat it.

 - Items recovered bonus
  When "Item Get BorderLine" move the player character above, you can collect all the items on the screen
  In this case, comes out extend item and have a lot of recovering the items.
  In other words, is there of DDC. Even if of course recovered in bomb you get the item.

 - Juice Attack
  If you press the C key when the lower left corner of the cage there are more than 1.0L, you can paste the barrier that can a mistake write off once.
  It exerts any effect depending on the taste of the juice
  Whether there is any effect, enjoy from the try

 - Chapter Bonus
  It is the same as the LLC, but the bonus of the target has been increasing
  If the bonus one "million Score", you can get the "star fruit items"

■Patch Note
2020/06/12 ver 1.20b Bugfix version

- SpellPractice(No.228) Fixed a bug that caused an error when trying to start.
- th_dnh.exe Changed for WooEdition nf4.


2019/08/31 ver 1.20a Bugfix version
- Stage5 Fixed laser collision.
- SpellPractice(No.222) Fixed unlock condition.
- Ending/TalkEvent(St5) Correct typos.
- BGM(No. 1) Correct loop position.

- Added UserName to the option screen.
Replay / high score name can be changed at any time.

- Effect cut settings / User name save destination change.
For details, see “profile / about.txt”.


2018/02/14 ver 1.11b
- SpellPractice(No.186) A talk event occurred, so it was fixed.


2018/01/14 ver 1.11a Bugfix version
- St5 Fixed "SCB Storage Bug"
- St4F Fixed mis-display of BossAnm.
- LastWord(No.221) Fixed texture miss.
- LastWord(No.224) Fix Star Laser & Increase Difficulty.
- JuiceAttack(Slow Enemy) Changed the timer to shine blue during effect time.

2018/01/14 ver 1.10d
- St5 Fixed mis-display of talk event.

2017/12/31 ver 1.10c Bugfix version
- St6/EX/HV Fixed the gauge display of the rest of the boss.
- LastWord The lock release condition has been relaxed.
- LastWord(No.229,No.230) Changed BGM.

2017/12/27 ver 1.10b Bugfix version
- Spell Practice Fixed a bug that card number shifted if STAGE LW was selected before unlocking HV.
- LastWord(No.223) Fixed a bug that caused an error when trying to start.

2017/12/26 ver 1.10a Large update
- Script lag removed. Delete useless tasks.
- Adjusted the difficulty of some barrage scripts
- The image file was archived. Unauthorized use of data before archiving is prohibited.
- The new stage "Harvest" has been added.
In order to play immediately, you need to save the data that cleared ExtraStage at least once
- Other. The display of the user interface etc. was fixed.