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Author: Gore
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: ddc td sa wbawc
Last updated at: March 7 2021, 07:11 AM
The author has not uploaded a script for this project.
Please check back later.
Downloads: 952


(0.02b -> 0.02c)!AsZNX0Vtc-HLgWMaW4qMwPU7H-ZX?e=wNBYn7

(0.01a/0.02a/0.02b -> 0.02c)!AsZNX0Vtc-HLgVvps99rtyQt6Xbx?e=qnddsB

■ 0. First ...?

  This sentence is a Japanese author "Gore" will be the ones that were translated using Google Translate.
 Because English is not know, but I think the meaning is there is a place where hard through
  Please note

 In addition, I am a little only change the contents of the Japanese version.
This is also Please note

■ 1. This, what game?

 This game is the "Touhou Project" of the fan-made game

 I do not have a Team Shanghai Alice and involvement
 Please do not absolutely inquiry

  So I wish you good luck.
 Fine rules are generally the same kind of feeling and (DDC + SA + TD+WBaWC)/4

■ 2. To run this game?

  Is not limited to this game, that game for Windows that can be moved in a variety of environments
 Will. Therefore, it is not working properly, it does not start, problems such occurs
 Things there are many.

 Let alone, Touhou Danmakufu becomes therefore free software mkm Mr. production
 Even was able to start, if you do not meet the following specifications (performance of PC)
 There is a possibility that should not be in a comfortable play environment

 As a guideline, th15 (LLC 1280 * 960 mode) or a th135 (Hopeless Masquerade), etc.
 It is a machine specs enough to move without falling processing by default.

Recommendation Machine specs
◎Supported OS
  Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  DirectX9.0c above
◎Required memory capacity
  CPU : 1GB or more of memory installed
  VRAM : 384MB or more of free space
  If less than this, the processing speed is drastically reduced.
◎Compatible video card
- NVIDIA GeForce later
- RADEON etc.
  DirectX9.0c, those corresponding to the shader 3.0
  (※ onboard PC will operate guarantee excluded)

■ 3. How to play?

The basic operation is not nearly the same as upstream Touhou Project.
 ※ The following command table key configuration is thing of the default state.
 - Up,down,left,right key ... move of player / cursor

 - Z key ... shot, decision

 - X key ... spell card activated

 - C key ... Assist Skill (lower left of the gauge is more than 1000[G])

 - left Shift ... press, slow-moving

 - Left Ctrl ... message skip, fast forward replay

 - Z key[Hold] ... message skip

 - Enter ... decision

 - Esc ... pause, cancel

 - P key ... snapshot photography

 - R in pause ... Retry

  Game rules
 - The purpose
  It is hit and painful object intently to Avoid going game.
  Finally because the boss is present stage, it is clear the stage if defeat it.

 - Items recovered bonus
  When "Item Get BorderLine" move the player character above, you can collect all the items on the screen
  In this case, comes out extend item and have a lot of recovering the items.
  In other words, is there of DDC. Even if of course recovered in bomb you get the item.

 - Assist Skill
  If you press the C key when the lower left corner of the cage there are more than 1000[g], you can paste the barrier that can a mistake write off once.
  A special attack unique to the support character will be activated. Keep in mind that players will take damage even while the assist skill is active

■4. For contents of game
 Because basically part of the graphics and music is a borrowed,
 You strictly prohibited the extracted or reprint without permission from the game data.
 Since it has to introduce the URL to "RentalMusicList.txt", please refer to there.

■5. If there be in trouble

 Contact here
 Web Site:
 Or, in the comments section of the video that you downloaded this game.

 When you report, you saved it and He will specify the version, etc. ・ PC performance and situation of the game.
 However, it does not mean that it can be meet the always requests and questions. I'm sorry

■6. If you do not have to be in trouble


■7. Patch Note

2020/11/02 ver 0.02c BugFix Version
2020/08/02 ver 0.02b BugFix Version
2020/07/28 ver 0.02a BugFix Version
2020/06/28 ver 0.01a Trial Version