Author: Gizmo The Dragon
Category: Library
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: boss, library, fairy, sprites, sprite
Last updated at: February 16 2016, 08:30 PM

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This is an easy-to-use animated sprite library for ph3. This includes all boss sprites from Imperishable Night to Double Dealing Character, including Fairy Wars and Double Spoiler. It also includes some bosses from Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, some fairies, and the Tenebris sprite from my Tenebris boss fight. Cast animations are easily accessible with the Obj_Value "cast". All of this is available to you by just #including a couple .txt files in your script.
A readme text file is included with all names of available characters and their respective functions.
I'll be updating this from time to time to include more sprites, so stay tuned.

Library code by me. Please credit me for making this library if you use it. :D
Fairy sprites by Gore.
Tenebris sprite by me.
Everything else does not belong to me, but to their respective owners.

1.0.0a: Original version.
1.0.0b: Fixed a bug with Hina where she would spin at LIGHTSPEED while moving, even when the Obj_Value "cast" was set to 0.
1.0.1a: It says in the readme file that Aya from Double Spoiler was in the library in previous versions, when she actually wasn't. That's been fixed, and she's been added to the library.
1.0.5a: Made all moving animations slightly faster, making them look smoother and more natural.
Repeated a few frames in Shizuha's idle animation. She doesn't jerk back to her first frame anymore.
Fixed a bug in Miko's cast animation where her sprite got misaligned from the object that she's rendered to.
1.0.6a: The file name and functions of rendering Gore's fairy sprites has been rightfully changed. Sorry for the terrible misunderstanding!!
Benben and Yatsuhashi from DDC have been added to the library!
1.0.6c: Seija from DDC has been added to the library!
The function names for Benben and Yatsuhashi in the readme file have been corrected.
1.0.7a: Shinmyoumaru and Raiko from DDC have been added to the library!
1.0.8a: Seiran, Ringo, Doremy, and Sagume from LoLK have been added to the library!