LOCAA7 - The Forgot Warship

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LOCAA Contest #7 - Outsider Occupation!

Somewhere in an alternate timeline, Sumireko’s plans to destroy the Hakurei Border have gone horribly right! The Border has fallen and Gensokyo is now exposed to the outside world. While Yukari begins making plans to reform the barrier, Reimu and the others must do damage control in the meantime. Following the sudden emergence of a bizarre new area in Japan, various people from all across the world are now flocking to Gensokyo to investigate. The incoming tide of newcomers must be held back by our heroines!

An admiral who commands ship girls to take into the seas and protect the world from an unknown force recently discovered the oppening of a new area, called "Gensokyo". While not a know sea, it is his duty to send a sortie and investigate incoming hostiles, however just to make sure the fleet is properly prepared, he sent an expedition beforehand to know what the naval district is facing against. The expedition fleet members have scrambled and one of them found herself lost in the dense mist of a lake.

Naturally she will be taking deffensive countermeasures against the incoming aerial forces identified as "paranormal.

Includes 4 non-spells and 6 spells. Two difficulties, my entry for the 7th LOCAA contest and first full lenght script.