Player Re-Creation Project: Mountain of Faith

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(Note: To reduce bump-spam, all future updates and uploads of the Player Re-creation project will be contained in merged packs containing all players from the source game.)

A complete re-creation (options A, B and C) of Mountain of Faith's Reimu and Marisa players for ph3. I've done my absolute best to keep these players highly accurate to the original.

All six players have plenty of customization options at the top of the player script file, allowing for a high degree of compatibility, including a damage multiplier and the ability to toggle between traditional bombing (UFO, TD, etc), to the MoF/SA system (one bomb costs 1.00 power). Approximate DPS numbers for each power level can also be found at the top of the player script file. (Balanced with SetDamageRate(100, 100))

Please send all errors/bugs/questions to username Frenticponi on MoTK or the thread below. Thanks, and please enjoy!,18800.0.html

All sounds and images belong to ZUN.

**Version 2.5**
New damage numbers straight from MoF's code. Since ZUN uses very high numbers, the damage multiplier variable has been set to a default of 0.23 to bring damage down to more reasonable levels.

----- Balance Changes -----
Damage numbers updated with values taken from MoF's .sht files. (Thank you Mana Kazami!)

----- Feature Additions -----
Firing sound effect now utilizes stereo panning.