Author: DoctorD
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: contest, rumia, bha, luastg, bhe, bha3, unexpected mastermind, bullet hell engines, luastgexplus, bad audio
Last updated at: March 19 2021, 09:45 AM

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(19th of March update: marked project as "listed" )

A small script made using LuaSTGExPlus for Bullet Hell Artistry 3 "BHA3", Unexpected Mastermind.
Feel free to join the discord server " "
(After a whole month of procrastination)

This is my first ever script so expect some really bad audio and unbalanced attacks. That aside, the stage is based on Rumia, also known for the memorial "First to Use the Spell Card System" in the whole modern Touhou series. The contest's theme is to pick any Touhou character which debuted as a 1th/2nd/3rd stage boss/midboss, and turn them into a stage 6 boss, in this script, you play as Flandre who got trapped in an unknown realm.

You may or may not encounter bugs and glitches, if that happens please let me know.
(Btw, there are no bullet sound effects)


>Bullet Hell Engines and all its members
>Ryann1908, the guy who introduced me into LuaSTG
>Luminous, for her constant "inspiration"
>Character dialogue portraits by Dairi at pixiv, (
>The pizza delivery guy for bringing a freezing pizza

>Several pictures were used as spellcard cut-ins, check the "readme" file included with the script
>BGM used: "Rumia;s theme: Apparitions Stalk The Night, Remix, by (Linkstarzelda)"
>BGM used: "Orchestral - Time Will Catch Me First, by (Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream)"
>Main title BGM: "Midnight's Tale, by (Adrian von Ziegler)"
>Danmaku shot sheet made by Ryann1908 (RyannLib)
>An online tool:, used to make most of the background stuff