Preemptive Justice

DNMKing published on

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As a celebration of the release of the Touhou 16 demo, I made a Reimu script. Time sure flies and I also made new functions in the limited free time I have. (I'm busy with school everywhere I look.)

-The script features Flandre as a midboss and Reimu as the boss but no stage.
-Since people I know had trouble installing scripts in danmakufu, I upload this script in it's own copy of danmakufu.
-I expanded the default shot sheet a bit, so it would have those ying yang orbs.
-Let's plays or reviews of my scripts are always welcome!

Zun for Touhou and sound effects and character portraits,
Shijimi_Nono for the boss Graphics,
Jynx and RD-Sounds for the music
I own the code I wrote.