Most mained girls (first script)

DNMKing published on

plural first script team fight 4 vs 1 title is obviously not a rwby ripoff

ph3 Plural 1086


You fight against Marisa,Reimu,Sanae and Sakuya.
Each has 1 nonspell and 1 spell.
Choose any player that isn't completely overpowered.

Reviews or let's plays on youtube would be cool!

-0,0 spawning fixed (mostly)
-no cutins,visual fx or dialogue

- The boss is always resistant to bombs

I own nothing except my code I wrote, all credit goes to the original owners!
Please read the readme I left in the folder!

Zun for Touhou and sound effects,
Shijimi_Nono for the boss Graphics
Sparen and Helepolis for all the tutorials
AJS and Blargel for helping me log in to BulletForge
Misora for the BGM