Evil Sealing Lunatic

DNMKing published on

sakuya koakuma stage plural patchouli time stop story reimu is a capitalist

ph3 Stage 819


I have summer holidays! Yay!
I got over my artists block! Yay!
I made a whole lot of progress in picture editing, sound editing, scripting and various other things! Yay!
And I got my new script out! Yay!

- Midboss featuring Patchouli and Sakuya
- Koakuma as the Main Boss
- new character added to the dialogue system
- new Persona 5 inspired cutin function
- Let's plays or reactions on youtube are always welcome

Zun for Touhou and sound effects and Alphes for character portraits,
Shijimi_Nono for the boss Graphics,
Wanwan, Misaki Rindou and SYNC ART'S for the music.
I own all code.
( -I tested it so much, now it has to be bug free or i'll completely lose it!- )