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Author: Cyrix C
Category: Library
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Last updated at: June 7 2019, 05:01 PM
File Size: 5.49 MB
Downloads: 82

This Easy-to-use Font & Text Library allows you to install fonts, create automatically the text object and contains other parameters that usually are used with it (as font type, size, color, border, etc).
Just include font_func.cpp in your danmakufu script, and it's ready to use!

~ Texto_A1(path, string, font_name, size, color_o, color_t, border, m, pitch)
A (almost) complete function. "border" is used with a boolean in order to set "m" values as border type, border width and border color

~ Texto_A2(path, string, font_name, size, border, width, color)
The basic function.

~ Install_n_Use_Font(path, font_name)
A function designed ONLY for install a font and create the text object. The other parameters will be placed separately.

~ README file
It's all in spanish, but contains all path list with each font name. Here is also the changelog (all in spanish)

If something goes wrong in the library, please contact me at [email protected] or ask me in MoTK Forum (I go by Tad Marx Barba)