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Author: Conarnar
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: len'en, haiji
Last updated at: April 1 2017, 12:49 AM
File Size: 47.8 MB
Downloads: 688

Upon Tsurubami Senri's return to Mugenri, the priest puts on a disguise in order to not draw attention. Soon after, Tsurubami encounters a spell card collector named Haiji Lapislazuli. Can the former dictator survive Haiji's new spell card collection?

This script features a Haiji boss battle with the usual extra stage length: 8 nonspells and 10 spells.

The background script was made by Python.
Music was made by Misaki Rindou.
Shotsheet and effects were made by me.
Most graphics and sound were made by JynX.