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Tags: contest, reimu, marisa, lily white, lily black, plural, dialogue, sanae, spring, cherry blossoms, contest 5
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[b]Url:[/b] ####
[b]Game type:[/b] Plural
[b]Boss:[/b] Lily White/Black
[b]Title:[/b] Messenger of Flowers
[b]Plot:[/b]Spring has come to Gensokyo, and once again, a certain fairy just can't keep her excitement to herself. But, while waiting out winter, Yuuka helped her brainstorm some more creative ways to spread the news - wait, it's more danmaku!?

[b]Spell card #1:[/b] Announcement 「Flower Viewing」
"Consider the lilies of the field..." I had this in mind when I made the card. (Though, they're really cherry blossoms.) Fairies don't do a whole lot of toiling either, so I think it fits. Actually, this is the image I have for Yuuka, too.

[b]Spell card #2:[/b] Harbinger 「Incidnet on the Horizon」
Everyone treats Lily White and Black as seperate entities. But, I think, what if she's just carrying a different message? So, this is the darker side of spring. (Strangely, it also ends up like Yuuka.)

Originally it was going to be something more sinister, like "Death on the Horizon", but hey, this is Gensokyo+.