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Author: Blargel
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: 0.12m
Tags: stb, shoot the bullet, bunkachou, double spoiler, aya, camera, photography
Last updated at: June 3 2019, 08:17 PM
File Size: 20.6 MB
Downloads: 2720

This is a rather ambitious project of mine where I will attempt to imitate the Shoot the Bullet and/or Double Spoiler engine with Danmakufu. I plan to make it so you can just edit a config file and change the scene select menu automatically and then make it spawn your own bosses that you want. Each boss will just need to include a single file and have access to a large amount of functions that make it possible to create a boss for a scene. I hope this will eventually become an engine anyone can use to make a photography shooting game in the future.

Current Features:
- Main menu implemented. It has almost all the same effects as the StB menu, even the copyright.
- Functional scene select and music room.
- The scene select and music room can easily be changed by editing the configMenus.dnh. Just read the comments.
- Aya player created with all the nifty effects.
- A good chunk of helper functions created to handle bullet creation, slowdown, and pausing.
- Boss timer implemented.
- Player and boss death effects added.

Bug fixes:
- Issues with crashing upon start up related to graphics cards fixed.
- Aya no longer can take pictures when she dies.
- Attempting to set or get speed and delay on a nonexistant bullet will no longer cause an error.
- Slowdown in the music room has been fixed somewhat.
- Processing power per bullet reduced to allow more bullets on screen without slowdown.

Upcoming Features:
- Laser creation (no curvy lasers though)
- More helper functions to create bullets.
- Save data and unlockables
- Custom replays.